The waiting game

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb
At the moment we are sat in a kind of car park in Aqaba simillar to those of Areesh in which our vehicles were barakaded in, on the last convoy. It’s actually quite strange as we are in a simillar position to what happened there when the government were overcome by the resolve of the members of the convoy when they forced their way through the blockade.
After speaking to a few people on the ground here it seems to be that we have shot ourselves in the foot and walked into what the authorities here have planned for us. Well to be honest I haven’t worked out who is conducting this effort to bring the convoy to a halt or maybe it’s a joint effort from more than one government. As we arrived in Aqaba we left our vehicles at the port, which is under the authority of the police and then made our way down to Aqaba city. We were bussed down here, from the port and on the way it didn’t feel right leaving our vehicles in the port and being soo far away from them and apparently were not allowed to take them out. Being without our vehicles has left us vulnerable, as a convoy without it’s vehicles is just a mob, we don’t have much to protest with. Negotiations are being made with officials here and the only thing we can do is wait. We will not be boarding any ferry tonight so some say, as the ferry company who is Egyptian owned is under pressure not to allow the convoy to board, so at the moment we’re in limbo.
MashaAllah what I can say is that the drive down here from Amman was beautiful and did make you think about the creation of Allah. It’s amazing how much history there is in these lands and it’s worth paying a visit. The stay in Amman was luxury, we had a four star hotel which was payed for by the ‘Engineers organisation’ which is a group which is run by various engineers who have various projects in the pipeline for the rebuilding of Gaza.
The weather is pretty fair especially during the day, infact it was very warm earlier but maybe it will get colder throughout the night, and at the moment there seems to be many uncertainties. I guess it’ll be a waiting game from now on.
Abu Safiyyah

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  1. Assalamu’alaykum what are they playing at?!

  2. Assalamu alaykum wr wb Layth,

    we pray Allah SWT keeps every single one of you on the convoy safe. We are all nervously waiting to see what will be the fate of this convoy, inshaAllah victory for the believers!

    Being separated from your vehicles is not such a great idea but Allah knows best and every situation is khair for the believers.

    We will be making heavy dua for the aid to reach them, and for this oppression to be lifted from the Palestinians and all the muslims suffering around the world.

    Take care

    mum sends salams

    wa salaam

    Umm D

  3. Assalamu alaikum
    i just watched on press tv that eygpt aint going to let you go through, again i say May Allah cripple the hands of the oppressors!

  4. Salaam….

    we are all waiting and praying and keep checking the news…

    one positive thing that has come out of this is more awareness as the convoy is now all over the mid-east news

    inshAllah it will be over soon and you wil reach Gaza

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