Tearful night

Assalamu alaykum wr wb

Today has been a well deserved rest, I managed to get a lie in and ended up missing breakfast but I think the sleep was more needed than the food. I’m still tired, but inshaAllah a good early night tonight should do the trick. Although having a lie in I’m still in debt to my body and owe it a few more hours of sleep. I need to make up for the night we spent in Gazientep, Turkey, when I only got three hours sleep trying to get my clothes washed. Most people from the convoy ended up going on an excursion to the town center today, but I’m being a bit boring and decided to stay and relax in the hotel. I have been to Syria before so I’ve seen most of the sites and I’ve had a cracking headache for most part of the day so I decided it would be nice to have a break from sitting in a vehicle. Damascus is not a place where anyone would want to be caught in traffic.

I forgot to mention yesterday, that last night when we finaly managed to negotiate with the police to allow us to stop for a bite to eat, when we came accross a restaurant who actually had food ready for us to eat, we tried to negotiate with the manager to give us a good deal because we were about 20 in number. After he realised where we were going he refused to take any money for the food, subhanAllah, the provisions of Allah are abundant. After finishing our food, we thanked the owner and brought him a viva Palestina T-shirt that we signed and gave to him. We then headed to the vehicles and noticed a man with a small girl and boy. He approached us and handed over a pair of gold earings and a bag of jewellery, subhanAllah, he took all of his wife’s gold and his poor little girls ear rings and handed it over to us. He said “This is for the people of Gaza”.

He then reached into his pocket and gave us some money. Upon seeing his wifes and daughters jewellery and his yearn to help in anway possible, our eyes started to water.

The children who gave their jewellery and money, may Allah replace it for them with something better in this life and the hereafter Ameen.

Allahu Akbar! Despite the oppression of the Tyrants, there still remains good amongst the people. I always ask myself, if the supression were to seize what would be the outcome when we have so much goodness that remains within this Ummah of the messenger (saw), the final Ummah, the best of Ummah’s. Oh Allah remove those who bring about this humilliation and bring forth those who bring life to this deen. Earlier I was watching the news where they were showing the developments of the wall being built by the Egyptian governemnt between Gaza and Egypt. Our reality will not change as long as the internal elements continue to serve and side with those who oppresss the Muslims.

Tomorrow we will be leaving the Hotel after breakfast, which will be served at five in the morning, so I’ll have to get an early night inshAllah.

Jazakum Allah khayr

Wasalamu Alaykum wr wb


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  1. Allahu Akbar! Soooo touching really brought tears to my eyes.

    I pray it gets to the people of Gaza Ameen.

  2. that really is a beautiful story mashallah. reminds me of something that happened when we were on the convoy and we were passing in the mountains in algeria and this man stopped us and handed us some money which was probably most of his pay. may allah make it easy and shorten the distance for you.

  3. Salaam,

    This is the meaning of true sadaqa. Had a lump in my throat when I was reading this. Puts us to shame.

    My husband was telling me about a khutbah he was listening to where the Sheikh was talking about real sadaqa being the things that you love and you give away. Not things that are easy for you or you don’t like. This is actually not considered to be sadaqa. See ayah 267, surah baqarah.

    My husband said that he prays all goes well in Egypt. He said make a lot of dua, as Egypt will most likely be a different story…

    Umm Raiyaan

  4. Umm Abdur Rahman

    Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullah,

    This made me teary eyed too, subhanAllah. Such a beautiful gesture, may Allah reward them with something better in this life and the next, ameen. They even gift wrapped it, mashaAllah, so sweet.

    JazakAllah khair for such a nice blog, this time we are really getting to know goes on in the convoy.

    BTW, Abu AR sent you a link for a video he saw on al-jazeerah about the convoy, I think I saw your ‘yellow submarine’.

    Take care, and keep your updates coming…may Allah make the arab countries easy for you…this part will no doubt need more du’a. The kids send their salaam to you.

    Your sis,

    Umm Abdur Rahman

    • AA Sis how you doing? JazakiAllah khair for the positive feedback. I responded to your last comment but Ayse told me that there was no response on my half. Did you get it?

      JazakiAllah khair


      • Umm Abdur Rahman

        Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuh,

        Alhamdullilah, doing good, hope you and AK and all the people on the convoy are safe and well. Don’t worry about it, keep up the good work, inshaAllah. May Allah accept it from you, ameen.

        BTW, sent an email to the BBC to tell them off for not covering the convoy, I’ll let you know if I get a reply.

        Take care, wassalaam

        Umm A R

  5. Assalaamu ‘alaikum,

    Mashaa`Allahu tabaarakAllah! This was truly moving and I had my eyes welled up with tears. As Umm Raiyaan said, this is true sadaqah, subhaanAllah. May Allah increase it for them tenfold, aameen.

  6. Assalamu akaikum
    SubhanAllah this made tears come to my eyes and reminded me of the sahabah, when umar (ra) brought half of his wealth to rasoolullah and Abu Bakr brought all! SubhanAllah its amazing to know that such characteristics still exist within this blessed ummah!
    I love islam and even more the ONE who has made us fortunate to be part of it, May we all die upon it among the BEST,ameen
    JazakAllahu khairan for sharing this with us!

  7. Bought tears to my eyes too. Ur an amazing brother.

  8. Made me cry too,may ALLAH reward them ameen.
    umm Abdullah

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