Sahara and Rodents?

Assalamu alaykum wr wb
At the moment I’m sat at the Syrian border waiting to proceed onto Haleb where we are due to attend a reception held by the local people of the city. The entry to Syria, from what I know has soo far been smooth, I am yet to hear of anyone being held or refused entry, but with these things you tend to hear about them a lot later than when they happen. My energy levels seem to be ok considering I only got three hours sleep, which for me is not usually enough, but having not much sleep is something you learn to deal with when travelling. We’ve been up since early and we will be travelling for the most part of the day and upon arriving in Damascus we will stay the night in a hotel. Our team leader has informed us that we will be staying in the capital for 2 nights so that should be interesting.
10:57pm GMT
Today has been a very long day and very tiring! We have finally arrived in a hotel called ‘Sahara’ and alhudulillah it’s just the thing you need when feeling this drained. Syria so far has been an experience, not a very nice one I should add. As I mentioned previously that the countries we passed on the last convoy wouldn’t let us out of their sight and restricted our movement, well the trend is repeating itself, which immediatly became evident when we entered the country. We had undercover police following us all the way and were we to stop they would suddenly appear from nowhere. They were like rodents, they would appear from everywhere, it was quite commical at the beginning, however the frustration set in as we got further into the journey. Despite all the shapperoning and the escorting, we eventually made it Damascus where we checked into our Hotel.
On the way down we encountered extremely dangerous driving, large trucks and lorries would overtake and cut you up, as well as drive a few meters behind you at very high speeds. There is no concept of braking distance here, I would be very surprised if the rate of accidents weren’t very high.
Alhumdulillah I managed to get a wireless connection in the hotel, which I was very suprised with, but for now I’ll have to make my way to my room and hit the sack. My eyes are on the verge of closing.
JazakumAllah khayr
Wa Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

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