Turkish Delight

Last night we spent in another sports hall, it seems to be a common trend at the moment. Alhumdulillah they had wireless internet where I was able to upload my update even though I felt totaly shattered.
 I woke up at 9ish which was a well needed lie in and chose to relax after breakfast rather then go on a tour of Konya. The thought of going around the town in a vehicle did not appeal to me, I really needed a break from being on the road. Before making our way to Adana, the next stop, we prayed jumua’  (Friday Prayer)and then regrouped in a car park where we ate some rice with meat which is what we have been eating for the last couple of days. I am not complaining, infact it has been very nice and the Turkish charity group that is looking after us have been working extremely hard.
We then left for Adana at about 3 o’clock and so far the journey has been more or less straight forward. The weather is very wet and at the moment we have about 75 kM left. InshaAllah we’ve heard that there’s meant to be food at our next destination, so I am really looking forward to it. Earlier we had a problem where one vehicle pulled into a petrol station, and here the petrol stations are manned, ie there is a person who puts petrol for you, but instead of putting diesel, the man put petrol. As the driver went to start the engine the ambulance wouldn’t start, and the brothers, with help from the workers in the petrol station managed to empty the tank and re-fil it. At the moment the vehicle is back on the road and is now parked up in the car park.
The convoy has now arrived at its destination a conference center/exhibition hall where it was welcomed and offered dinner, chicken and rice, Turkish style. MashaAllah it was very nice, but my carb controlled diet seems to be out of the window, it seems to be bread, rice and biscuits all the way. 
Anyway I’m on my way to bed.
Take care
Was salamu alaykum wr wb
Your brother in Islam

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