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Assalamu’alaykum to all, please note that any media coverage of the convoy and the yellow sub-marine will be kept in the image’ page so that we can distinguish between Abu’Safiyyah’s updates from his journey, and the pictures he take. Previously, all the images were ones that he took, however due to the poor media coverage we are now considering putting everything we can get hold of on this blog, to allow others to witness what is going on. Please do send us links of any pictures or videos that show coverage of convoy #3.

Jazakallah Khayr for everyones comments. Keep them rolling and inshallah please don’t be put off if you do not get a quick response from Abu’Safiyyah if you have posted something for him, we all know how tiring one can be on a journey like this. Also bare in mind that internet connection is limited.

Please supplicate to the Almighty that they reach their destination with ease, so that the people of Gaza can get through the winter with some resources and medical aid. We are all playing a big part in this convoy. Stay tuned and we will try our best to upload updates whenever we recieve them.

 Thank you all for reading the blog and subscribing with us.


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