Back on track

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb
I hope everyone is in good health and emaan.
Today we had an early start and were scheduled to leave immediately after breakfast which was provided by our hosts. It was a real rush this morning and I didn’t even manage to squeeze in time for a shower. I wasn’t too bothered about it as I planned to visit a Turkish bath at some point during the day. We set out, after breakfast and headed towards an area called Fershane where we were greeted by locals. Travelling in a large convoy as oppossed to breaking off into small groups which so far has been the way we have travelled, was a logistical catastrophe. Theoretically, it’s simple, everyone watches out for the vehicle behind, but in practice, people find it hard. We are often broken up by lights or people cutting in, but the worse one is when people choose not to keep up. It’s okay if their vehicle can’t travel that speed, as it’s often the case, but you also get people who are not concentrating and just too busy chatting.
C.B radios are priceless when travelling and do help us a lot, but there are always complaints being made for people to stop playing around on them and making jokes. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with some harmless fun on the radio, as long as it’s not in a time where there is much confusion regarding the route like last night.
In Feshane there was a press conference held by George Galloway, which I couldn’t attend, I guess Viva Palestina (V.P) need all the publicity they can get. I am not sure what kind of coverage you guys back home are receiving, it would be nice to know, so just drop us a line. B.T.W let us know if you see the ‘Yellow submarine’ extra points for spotting it, you can’t miss it, its the only yellow vehicle there is.
Turkey is a very cosmopolitan city with a blend of a traditional past and modern architeture. The horizon is littered with minerets and you can find a mosque every couple of hundred metres. Let’s just hope they are not hollow structures, left empty with only memories of the days when they were utilised. Another thing I noticed in Turkey was that there are so many petrol stations on the motorway, must be in demand here.
After George’s speech, some people went on a tour of the city organised by the local Turks, whilst others including myself didn’t get time to go around or even visit a hamam, but rather had to take our vehicles to get them fixed. How boring, but alhumdulilah it has to be done and inshaAllah we didn’t embark on this trip for sight seeing but rather to deliver the aid and break the seige. Alhumdulillah, for some if they managed to get around and see the city, then that’s a bonus. The wait in the mechanic to fix the starter motor took some time, but when I heard the engine start with no problem I thought it was well worth the wait. No more push starting, especially on the motorway as was the case yesterday. My only concern whilst waiting at the mechanics was the traffic we might encounter on the way back to meeting the group. Traffic in Istanbul is phenomenal, it just goes on for miles and miles, and not knowing your way around the city adds to the problem, as getting lost seems to be inevitable especially when you have broken away from the main convoy.
It’s now 1am so inshaAllah I’m off for some well earned zzzzzz’s!
Wasalamu alayum wr wb
Here is the picture from the turkish convoy website of the yellow submarine!

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  1. Assalamualaikum…

    May Allah give you all the strength to continue…

    As for coverage in the press apart from the short clips by press TV and an advert on Hiwar TV for the Viva Palestina charity

    i dont know if youve seen this link it has pictures of the convoy, there is a side of a yellow van that says whitman road masjid to gaza:
    is that your yellow submarine??

    And i cant quite understand because the translation on the website is a bit weird but what i gathered is they added vehicles to the convoy from turkey, is this right?

    All the best

  2. Wa alaykum assalam

    Well done Abrar, that is the yellow submarine!! I found it a couple of days ago too but my admin crew didnt put it up lol i will have to have words with them hehe

    Yes they did add vehicles to the convoy, not sure how many as my turkish is very bad but I would really like to get hold of the report from Hilal tv, if you are able to let me know inshaAllah.

    Whats happened to Press TV?? On the last convoy they had a report everyday, this time there has been a total of 3 in 12 days?!

    Alhamdulillah we just have to make du’a the aid gets in inshaAllah.

  3. Aa, I must quickly apologise to my admin team as they did upload the picture of the yellow submarine from the turkish website, but its in the slide show so I didnt realise.

    Sorry girls 😉

  4. yes it seems like the press is pretty bad this time, not that the coverage was amazing last time. im keeping track through peoples blogs mostly.

    i heard they had even more vehicles to add to the convoy but not enough drivers.

    Lets pray when the different groups, such as the freedom march, join the convoy in rafah we will see them make the headlines and they will break the seige with the grace of Allah.

    salaam sister

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