Salamz All. May Allah’s peace and blessings be on you all.

Last night was a late night, the brothers were up until quite late chatting and enjoying the ferry ride.  Yet again I lost something else, my laptop sleeve case, which I was looking everywhere for. And lo and behold in the morning when I woke up it was in my pouch, which I could have sworn I checked at least three times. Anyway I guess that’s the story of my life at the moment.

In the night a few of us slept on the deck, which by morning was very chilly but we preferred to do so as opposed to hiring a cabin to keep our costs to a minimum. We were woken up by the announcement at about 5 o’clock am, that the ferry was about to disembark, so we got up made Wudu and prayed downstairs on the vehicle deck. 

Due to our starter motor needing to be changed, we had to push start the minibus on the ferry which, by the will of God, started pretty smoothly with a little push by the brothers. Tomorrow we will get a chance to rectify any mechanical problems we have so inshaAllah we will get it fixed. We drove off the ferry and regrouped in the car park and had a quick team briefing. Today’s destination was Thessolaniki, Greece, about 400 kM.

The route was extremely beautiful, with large mountains over towering us as we weaved our way through the mountains which were covered with snow. It also snowed on route which drastically reduced visibility.

What was really funny, which I don’t know if I should call funny, was one guy by the name of Tom, was woken up by a brother from my group, when it was time to leave the ferry. Obviously he must of gone back to sleep. So on the way to Thessolaniki we heard an announcement on the C.B that this guy had stayed on the ferry, that then made its way to another destination, possibly Crete.

 As we heard this we were cracking up, our sides were splitting. I hope he had his passport and some money with him, and not left it in his van that was taken by his co-drivers. We couldn’t believe he did that.

Anyway after spending the rest of the journey cracking jokes about ‘Tom’ on the C.B we eventually came to a standstill on the motorway, the convoy had regrouped not too far from our destination. We waited about an hour, no one knows why, so we then used this time to pray and grab a coffee from some little coffee shack on the road side. Had I not been yearning for a coffee, I would have never bought it from there, as if you saw it, you would say “Naa it can wait”.

After going in a big circle in a big convoy in a small city we arrived to our destination, a basketball hall, where we parked and will stay the next two nights. InshaAllah tomorrow we will sort out the minibus and have a little nosey around the town.

I will have to head back to the basketball court now and try to get some sleep; I only had 4 hours last night!!

Zzzzzzzzzz (inshAllah)

Take care

Wa Salam Alaykum wr wb




P.S. I will upload some photos tomorrow inshaAllah.


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  1. Lol! Poor Tom!

  2. salam, i hope your journey goes well and you achieve your goals. it only takes one person to take a stand and make a difference and i hope that this convoy continues inspite of the difficulties placed on it. may allah bless you all. ameen

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