Not far now…

Assalamu Alaykum wr wb

Another day on road and a bit closer to our final destination,Gaza, which today began from the service station a little after praying Fajr.

We managed to squeeze in a quick coffee before we hit the road towards Austria.

The washing facilities weren’t too bad, infact very innovative, unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a picture. If I come across more I promise I will. Here in Germany they seem to be a bit ahead of the Brits when it comes to public toilets.

They had a rotating toilet seat that has a device that cleans the seat as it spins around a full 360 degrees. Maybe I could introduce some of these to the UK, I am sure it will catch on, maybe even some domestic ones LOL. Contact me if you want your own rotating toilet seat. I also managed to fit in my first shower, it costed me three Euros, for about 20 minutes and a 2 hours wait in the queue as there was only one shower at the service station. What a relief, well worth it though. InshAllah I hope my next shower won’t be too long away.

As we set off down the road, after about 15 kilometers or so we entered Austria, (15 kilometers was a guess, so don’t quote me on that) we pulled into a service station and filled up with fuel and regrouped.

 It was here that we got our first glimpse of snow and from here on we saw more. Austria is a small stretch as if you look at the map, you will see that this part is only a thin strip that wedges itself between Germany and Italy.

Here on the scenery just kept on becoming more breathtaking as we started climbing the Alps all the way down into Italy.

 Unfortunately the 7.5 tonne truck carrying most of the aid which is driven by our older brother Abdur Rahman was stopped by the Austrian police not too far from the border and was charged almost three hundred Euros for a device used by their road tolls. In Italy the police seemed a bit more relaxed and not as draconian as the Austrian, but I guess we still have a lot more of Italy to see what we will encounter. It’s quite humorous to see the reaction of the local people, particularly in Germany and Austria, when they see a gathering of brothers and sisters praying in the car parks, I supposed its a culture shock for them and also curiosity , and I am sure some may despise our presence.

Currently, we are racing down to Modena, in Italy and are enjoying the scenery of large snow capped mountains clothed with dense green forest and rivers flowing besides the road side. InshAllah we will arrive there and get something to eat, maybe some sardines and baked beans with sweet corn, doesn’t sound that appetising I know, but it does the job and the main thing is that it’s hot.

You get to a point where you just want a proper meal, eating biscuits and crisps can become a bit sickening.

Also there was some good news last night, my brother who is also on the convoy, his wife gave birth last night to a baby girl back in London. So make dua’ for the family.

InshAllah we will arrive safely in Modena, we have about 160 kM left.



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  1. Assalamu alaikum little brother!! its me ur big sis, achi bachi!! lol. How are you both doing? ALhamdullilah the scenery looks amazing! Wish we were there!

    Alhamdullilah went to see baby yesterday, she is very cute mashaAllah, and very chubby! U should see her arms mashaAllah, she’s been pumping iron in the womb!! LOL.

    Anyways boyz are missing amu Eeet, and amu J, they’re always trying to spot you both in any pics we see!

    Take care, keep us in your dua’s as you are in ours.

    wa salaam

    Umm D

  2. AA

    I hope you guys are ok.

    Alhumdulillah I saw the pics and you’re right it does look like she has been training in the belly. Well she’ll need it to cope with her dad and Younis.

    The views are amazing here and I hope there is more to come. InshaAllah Turkey will be a nice stretch of the journey and I suppose Greece will be as well.

    How are the kids, send them my salamz and a kiss. Are they behaving? I am sure Idrees isn’t. Tell Dawoud I still have his card and I will give it to the children upon arrival and one day maybe he can make this journey himself.

    Hows dad, is he ok?

    Take care

    Lil Brother


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