Mechanical glitches

Asalamu Alaykum wr wb

After gettting lost and going approximately 60 KM off route, we finally arrived at the designated service station which we will spend the night at. Due to a logistical error, ( I won’t mention whose fault) we ended up taking the wrong turning at a round-a-bout which threw us off onto a stressful hunt for a service station next to a Lidl’s.

We eventually found it and are now staying just near Innsbruck. We arrived here from after leaving the car park in Stuttgard and had a pretty smooth journey, it wasn’t too long and the weather was pretty mild.

Apart from my vehicle being stopped by the German police, nothing really exciting took place. The Undercover German police car pulled us over for a ‘routine check’ took our documents and then let us go. By Maghrib we stopped off at Lidl’s to pray where we found two German police officers wanting to check our passports. Alhumdulillah after we convinced them that we are moving on to another site they didn’t bother us.


The terrain is starting to become very mountainous as we approach Austria. The scenery is very beautiful and picturesque, in general Germany has very beautiful scenery with much greenery and large rugged white topped mountains that line the horizon.

InshAllah we will spend the night in this service station and head off to Austria in the morning.

JazakumAllah khayr for your help and donations

Your brother in Islam




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