Guten Morgen!

In the name of Allah the most beneficent the most merciful.

Yesterday was a challenging drive in the extreme weather conditions on the motorway, although in the day it wasn’t too bad. We left Brussels approximately at 11pm later waiting for a very long time for the organisers to get to grips with the logistics of sending off such a large number of vehicles. After a couple of hundred kilometres the teething problems set in and caused us to pull over in a service station and get these problems fixed. One of the vehicles kept cutting out, so some of the mechanically minded brothers managed to fix it alhumdulillah, and decided not to resume our journey until all these problems were fixed. We spent a good few hours there and used it as an opportunity to get some warm grub down us. A bit of fried eggs and supernoodles on the camping stove in the car park seemed to do the job, something that you wouldn’t really appreciate at home, as when journeying like this anything hot would do.

 We then set out and headed towards Luxenbourg, which we passed through in no time with much ease alhumdulillah. Germany was the next stop, but by now the harsh weather set in, and just to add to the difficulty one of the vehicles windscreen wipers stopped working and the mechanics had parted from our group and were missing.

 At this point we were about an hour and a half from our designated meeting point, and by the will of God the rain stopped and we decided to press on in a bid to reach our destination as soon as possible. Time was moving and we had now been on route for 12 hours and many of the drivers were feeling very tired and were anxious to arrive as signs of falling asleep at the wheel started becoming apparent from some drivers.

Our group finally arrived to a cold car park in some down town Stuttgard industrial area at 2.30 in the morning a good couple of hours later than some other groups. Any way it was time to hit the sack, well, the crammed back of a cold fully ladened van.

InshAllah we hope that Allah accepts our efforts and rewards us for any hardship encountered and we ask Allah to pardon us for not being able to do enough to eleviate the suffering from the people of Gaza and all the oppressed Muslims around the world.  Ameen.




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